Dumpsters.com is enabling separation of recyclables in our Annual Fall Trash Cleanup 2017 by delivering a dumpster that will take ALL trash and be hauled to a recycle center. This eliminates need to ask our volunteers to collect recyclables and non recyclables in different color bags.

Cary MacGregor and Apex Sunrise Rotary Clubs

The Cary MacGregor and Apex Sunrise Rotary Clubs donated $1,000 in 2017 to spend on much needed gloves, trash grabbers and waders for cleanups as well as special items such as 2-way radios for land-water communications and feather banners to increase public awareness of our events.


An REI Local Store grant of $8,000 to Clean Jordan Lake in 2016-2017 will improve the effectiveness of our trash removal and prevention programs.  The Adopt-A-Feeder Stream Program will be expanded.  Businesses and corporations in the Triangle area will be contacted to explain Clean Jordan Lake’s employee community service opportunities.  And  public awareness will be raised by rotating an information table around to popular recreation points on the shoreline this summer.

Chatham Park

Chatham Park has donated $1,500 in each of 2015, 2016 and 2017.   This helps to cover our operating expenses that include liability insurance; rental of a self-storage unit for our supplies; signage for Adopt-A-Shoreline and Adopt-A-Feeder Stream Programs; and dues at meetup.com/helpcleanjordanlake.

Walmart Siler City Store

Contributed $500 in December 2014 for development of a TV public service announcement from a video produced in 2014 with a grant from the Walmart Foundation (see below).

Walmart Foundation Grant

The Walmart Foundation awarded $3,000 in May 2013 to produce a video explaining that stronger litter prevention and recycling programs throughout the 1,700 square-mile watershed are essential to the sustainability of the lake.  Strengthening these programs will reduce the amount litter reaching the lake.  This will restore wildlife habitats and natural beauty of the shoreline, add economic value by attracting more visitors, and also give citizens greater confidence in the safety of their drinking water supply.  Comments by leaders of various organizations that have an interest in protecting the lake will support the plea.  The video will be posted at our YouTube channel and be used in presentations to public interest groups, civic clubs and local government officials in the eight counties upstream of the lake.

Biogen Idec Foundation Grant

The Biogen Idec Foundation awarded $4,150 in January 2012 to launch our Adopt-A-Shoreline Program.  The funds were used to attract participation from various community organizations and to post attractive signs at adopted shoreline sections to recognize their effort.  To date, 11 groups have joined the program (see Blog).  Not only will unsightly litter be removed by this program, but the Adopt-A-Shoreline signs should make shoreline users more aware of the problem.

BoatU.S. Foundation Grant

The BoatU.S. Foundation awarded $3,400 in July 2011. The purpose of the grant was to:

  • increase our visibility to the boating community to increase the number of volunteers in trash cleanup events and build upon cooperation
  • enlist leaders of the boating community to help us develop faster and safer ways to ferry trash from cleanup sites to boat ramps (1-2 miles away) for offloading and
  • enlist leaders of the boating community in identifying and ranking shoreline sections for trash removal

We have posted attractive Trash Tips for Boaters signs at all boat ramps within the Jordan Lake State Recreation Area, at Poe’s Ridge Boat Ramp managed by the Corps of Engineers and at ramps operated by the Crosswinds Boating Center.  These signs alert the boating community to our mission and enlist their help (see Blog).  We also produced informational brochures that boaters can take from holders beneath each sign.

Business and Club Sponsors in 2014-2015

Cash Donations

Clean Jordan Lake has raised about $11,000 in cash donations.

Local, State and Federal Agencies

Nonprofit Organizations