Urogenix and GlaxoSmithKline Restore Shoreline

Two wonderful mornings of community service by 15 employees from Uorgenix and 60 from GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) have restored shoreline beauty. On Sept. 14th, the Urogenix volunteers tackled a big eyesore of trash along the the Martha’s Chapel Rd. access to shoreline.

Some of trash collected by Urogenix employees; note Adopt-A-Shoreline sign

Despite efforts by NC DOT to discourage folks from parking on the roadside and despite the presence of our Adopt-A-Shoreline sign, this area is habitually littered.  In just 3 hours, 35 bags of trash were removed. In addition, volunteers hauled 18 large plastic tubs of glass bottles and metal parts from an old illegal dumping pit in a ravine nearby the shoreline.

On September 20th, GSK volunteers were ferried from the Army Corps of Engineers dock to a heavily trashed shoreline near New Hope Overlook area.

Crosswinds Boating Center volunteered to ferry volunteers and trash

Volunteers removed 350 bags of trash, 210 tires, and 7 rusted out propane tanks.  None of this would have been possible without boat support by the Army Corps of Engineers and Crosswinds Boating Center.

This was the 3rd annual “Orange Day” of community service with CJL.

GSK also wanted to pilot test recycling with the help of the Sonoco Recycling.  A few of the volunteers were asked to fill 10 black bags only with plastic bottles.  If the quality of the plastic is found acceptable and volunteer time is well spent, we will expand in future events.

GSK volunteers savor their work

Nathan Rohner, organizer for GSK of 3 "Orange Days" of community service with CJL

In just 3 hours, 60 GSK volunteers remove 350 bags of trash and 210 tires!

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