Durham Leaders Tour Jordan Lake

Photo 1-Nine leaders from Durham County. (1024x612)

L to R. Tobin Freid, Don Moffitt, Tania Dautlick, Wendy Jacobs, Brenda Howerton, Michael Page, Sylvia Le Goff, Ellen Reckhow, Steve Schewel, and Fran DiGiano.

We brought nine leaders from Durham County and City to the lake last Friday. TriangleBoat Tours donated their services for the event.

This was our first in a series of tours for leaders of the eight counties in the watershed. We want them to appreciate the beauty of the lake while also seeing why we need to educate all citizens about trash prevention.

Representing Durham County were Commissioners Michael Page (Chairman), Brenda Howerton (Vice-chairman), Wendy Jacobs and Ellen Reckhow. Coming from the City of Durham were Council members Don Moffitt and Steve Schewel along with Tobin Freid of the Sustainability Office and Tania Dautlick of Keep Durham Beautiful. Sylvia Le Goff represented El Centro Hispano, Inc.

Photo 2-Captain Don of Triangle Boat Tours pointing out features to Jordan Lake (2)

On board boat photo: Captain Don Watkins of Triangle Boat Tours pointing out features of Jordan Lake

These leaders were impressed by soaring birds, vast expanses of water and a shoreline uninterrupted by a single dwelling. They were also shocked to see so much trash when we pulled up onto a section of shoreline where most comes from upstream on the Haw River and New Hope Creek. Their spontaneous response was to hop off the boat to pick up trash!

Photo 3- trash pickup by county leaders (1024x683)

Displaying trash items: L to R. Tania Dautlick, Tobin Freid, Don Moffitt and Steve Schewel

Schewel said afterwards “we were reminded of our responsibility in Durham to help keep the lake clean. Moffitt added “it was an educational experience. The lake is an important drinking water source for Durham and protecting it is a priority.” And Le Goff remarked that “education is the key to trash prevention and this begins by raising the awareness of our youth.”

All participants made many good suggestions for how Clean Jordan Lake could more effectively partner with counties in trash prevention. We’re very encouraged to continue this outreach effort to leaders of the other seven counties.

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